Silvermine Bay Music Festival, Lantau Island

Earlier on this month Lantau Island held a weekend-long music festival on Silvermine Beach (located right beside the ferry pier). You really have to hand it to Hong Kong for being able to put something like this on; with the initial support and minds of a local group of Mui Wo friends whose passion for music brought them together to organize this yearly event, it has since grown in popularity and scale.

Here’s the lowdown: On October 11, 12, and 13, Lantau Island saw a tonne of local and international performers and music lovers flock to Silvermine Beach for the day or night (or both!) to enjoy some street-eats, a few drinks, and some live music.

The atmosphere at the festival was a mix of sandy group picnics on the beach during the day, and friendly slurred speech and incoherent dancing at night. There were four zones throughout, each combining music, food, and audience interaction. Overall, it was a great way to spend a day and to further open my eyes to all that Hong Kong has to offer.

Oh, did I mention it was completely free?! Free does not exist in Hong Kong, so this bit was an appreciated surprise.

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