Christmas in Times Square, Causeway Bay

For those who aren’t familiar with Times Square in Causeway Bay, there have massive themed displays that are put on every few months that can be quite impressive. This area becomes a hub for locals and tourists alike to gather around and take photographs of themselves with every single thing on display.

As I was walking around Causeway Bay today, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the larger-than-life Christmas decorations scattered about. Upon closer inspection, I found myself a bit confused at some of them (what appears to be a child’s head in a turkey and a bizarre pig-type lumberjack with a branch as one of his hands). But, then again, it’s Hong Kong – most things here make me scratch my head and do a double-take.

Regardless, seeing them helped to bring about the feeling that, why yes, Christmas will be here in 31 days despite not a snowflake in sight, nor the need for a parka. I have never been too picky about having Christmas look and feel a certain way (unlike many of my Canadian counterparts), since I spent quite a few Christmas holidays growing up on a beach with my family. So, it doesn’t quite bother me that there is no snow and not too much (besides the overly commercialized Western influence) festive cheer. All I need to get me in the spirit is some Christmas music, hot apple cider (where do I find this here?!) , anything and everything fattening and delicious, and my wonderfully giving family. Christmas lights and decorations would be a bonus, but living as an expat in HK where I barely have enough room in my flat for my fork-load of clothes, I really can’t complain.

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