WOOBAR Tea-se Me Afternoon Tea Buffet @ W Hotel, Hong Kong

As summer is upon us in Hong Kong (as I’m sure we can all painfully feel the second we step outside and into a brick wall of humidity), the majority of my coworkers are heading back to Canada, where the weather will be much more forgiving and enjoyable. In lieu of this, we decided to enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon tea at the W Hotel.




I had done a fair bit of research on afternoon teas in Hong Kong, many of which offered their tea set for around $150-200 HKD. The afternoon tea buffet at the W Hotel seemed like a much better option as it was buffet-style and I had heard good things about their brunch buffet.

WOOBAR is a great place to go if you’re looking for something mildly classy; it definitely isn’t your high-end, dress to impress type of atmosphere, but it also isn’t a flip flop and ripped jeans place either (though, I did actually see two men wearing flip flops..).

The staff were very friendly and attentive. I really appreciated the (who I presumed to be) bar manager coming over and asking us if everything was okay. She even asked which one of us was [insert my name here], as I had made the reservation. Apparently the menu will be changing within the next week or two, so I’ll have to go back and check out the new dishes. We suggested to get rid of the “cream puffs”, which were not meant to be cream puffs at all – they were “Lemon Bombs”. This explained a lot, since when one of my friends bit into it, the lemon filling oozed out all over her dress leaving quite a hilariously placed stain.



Moving onto the food, ’cause let’s get serious, as nice as it is to have good customer service and an appealing environment, the food is what matters most. WOOBAR afternoon tea buffet offers an array of savoury and sweet dishes for all. There was a good variety of savoury dishes to start with – raspberry and brie sandwiches, delicious duck wraps, tempura sushi rolls, foie gras with strawberry, BBQ pork in pastry, mozzarella and tomato, meat-filled croissants, mini bagel and cream cheese, egg salad sandwich, and so forth. My favourites were the sushi, brie sandwiches, the duck wrap, and the mozzarella with tomato.




The dessert dishes were also delicious – raspberry cheesecake, balsamic truffle-pops, green tea and raspberry macaroons, 9 layer chocolate cake, “cream puffs”, cinnamon donuts, a layered crepe cake, and a selection of gummy candies. My favourites were the raspberry cheesecake and the green tea macaroons. As appetizing as the majority of the food was, some of it felt store-bought and not as high quality as I would have liked. Probably for the best, since it helped me narrow in on what I wanted to stuff my face with the most.



The afternoon tea also came with your choice of – you guessed it! – tea. There was an interesting variety to choose from. I had the lychee and almond tea, which was a surprisingly great combination in tea form. There was also two large towers filled with a sweet lemon-tea-esque drink. Apparently one of the towers of tea had gin in it, but I couldn’t taste any difference between the two. Bonus: the glasses had tapioca pearls already placed into the bottom. Also – don’t forget to ask your waiter/waitress for the scones! They come out warm and are absolutely delicious with jam and clotted cream.

This spread looked much nicer at the beginning of the tea buffet – by this time, much of it was devoured as the afternoon tea was ending shortly




Bit odd..


Overall, I’d say it was a successful afternoon! Perhaps the only downfall is how damn small the plates are! Now, I’m not asking for a giant bowl or anything, but I’d like to be able to put more than five items of food on my plate at a time. It’s almost a way to make you not go up to the buffet a million times due to embarrassment and the amount of leftover tiny black plates that cover your table.



Information about WOOBAR Afternoon T Set: 

Available on weekdays at HK$398+10% for 2 from 2pm to 6:30pm.
Champagne T-Set at HK$598+10% for 2 with 1 glass of champagne

Note: If you use a Hang Seng Visa card, you can get an extra 10% off!

Don’t forget to make a reservation: 852 37172889

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