Morton’s Steak House: Happy Hour In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the best and most widely spread happy hours I’ve seen in any large city. Most happy hours run from 4 – 7 pm and usually consist of a buy-one get-one free or 50% off standard drinks, house wines, and beer. No complaints if you’re looking for somewhere to unwind after a long day of work (unless of course you work past 7 pm, in which case you’re much more limited in bar choice and should maybe, probably, definitely consider switching careers).

Though the half-off a drink promotion is great, I was looking for a bar that offered a bit more value during happy hour. That’s when the stars aligned and I came upon Morton’s Steak House in The Sheraton Hotel, Kowloon. If you’re looking for delicious drinks and free food, look no further. This happy hour hidden gem is coined “Mortini Night” is an absolute beauty!


Elevator in the Sheraton to take you up to the restaurant.
The bar.
Happy Hour menu.
Getting a bit busier as the night went on.


What’s the deal?
$60 cocktails (Gin Mortini, Cosmopolitan, Vodka Mortini, Negroni, Chocolate Mortini).

When can I go?
Monday – Friday from 5 – 7 pm.

What’s so great about it?
The bar isn’t the greatest bar I’ve been in (seems as though the restaurant area has nice views of the harbour though), but waiters come around handing out little sweet-bun sandwiches of tender steak amazing-ness.


Delicious steak sandwiches.
Did I mention they were FREE?
Chocolate Mortini.
Demolishing the Chocolate Mortini.


Though this place may seem fancy, don’t pay much attention to that (there were guys wearing shorts and flip flops in here!). You’re sitting at the bar, which makes it more acceptable to put your embarrassment and etiquette aside, and replace them with a lack of shame and a “don’t judge me” attitude. There is delicious free steak sandwiches on the line here, ladies and gentlemen, and only a two-hour window to get as many of them into your belly!


For more information on Morton’s Steakhouse, check out their website here.

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