Renting Bicycles In Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s bicycling culture is huge; cyclists have their own lanes and traffic lights. I’m pretty sure a requirement of living in Amsterdam is that you must own a bike, otherwise it’s off to the outskirts of the city for you. Because cycling is such a popular form of transportation and because the city itself is quite small, renting a bicycle during your stay in Amsterdam is a great way to spend a few hours or even an entire day exploring!




Though the city is easily accessible by foot, it’s much more efficient to bike around. We were able to head south-west of the city and see more of a suburban side to Amsterdam, where actual houses exist (both on land and down the canals) instead of apartment buildings.

Before hopping onto a bicycle and setting off to explore all that Amsterdam has to offer, you might want to familiarize yourself with the bicycle lane system/the flow of traffic in general before you head to a crowded area of the city, as it can be quite confusing for a non-local.

There are many bicycle rental shops that offer hourly, half-day, and daily rentals. Many hotels also offer this service, so you can inquire at reception and compare rates with the shops. Our hotel charged us €12 per day, which included insurance. Many of the shops we looked at offered daily rentals priced between €10-15, depending on their location and whether you wanted insurance included.



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