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10 “Realistic” Things To Do In Amsterdam

Everyone has heard of Amsterdam and all of the wild-but-totally-legal possibilities that go along with spending a few nights in this city. What you might not know is that besides hitting up the Red Light District at night for a good time (or a good laugh, or an uncomfortable walk through an alley way with far too many gawking tourists..) or heading to a local “Coffee Shop” to partake in illicit activities, there are surprisingly other touristy things one can do here.

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Renting Bicycles In Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s bicycling culture is huge; cyclists have their own lanes and traffic lights. I’m pretty sure a requirement of living in Amsterdam is that you must own a bike, otherwise it’s off to the outskirts of the city for you. Because cycling is such a popular form of transportation and because the city itself is quite small, renting a bicycle during your stay in Amsterdam is a great way to spend a few hours or even an entire day exploring!

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Where To Find The “I Amsterdam” Letters

If you’re a tourist visiting Amsterdam, there’s no doubt that you want a photo in front of the iconic “I Amsterdam” letters to show all your friends how well traveled and cultured you are, right?! One problem: where exactly in Amsterdam are these letters located?

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“Get Experienced” At The Heineken Experience Brewery Tour, Amsterdam

A trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without spending a few hours at the Heineken Brewery. “The Heineken Experience” offers a glimpse into the history of its world-renowned beer by taking visitors on an engaging tour in the building of their first brewery which was built in 1867.

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A Visit To The Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam

The Anne Frank Museum is a definite must-see for anyone visiting Amsterdam. Whether you’re a history buff, student, or parent, the gravity of walking through this museum will fill you to the brim with emotion (and if it doesn’t, there’s probably something wrong with you).

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Accommodation In Amsterdam

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, let me be the first to warn you about how damn expensive this city is. I’ll try to stop myself from going on a rant about how extortionate everything was in this overrated city, but I’m cheap and I love to complain, so bear with me.

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