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Morton’s Steak House: Happy Hour In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the best and most widely spread happy hours I’ve seen in any large city. Most happy hours run from 4 – 7 pm and usually consist of a buy-one get-one free or 50% off standard drinks, house wines, and beer. No complaints if you’re looking for somewhere to unwind after a long day of work (unless of course you work past 7 pm, in which case you’re much more limited in bar choice and should maybe, probably, definitely consider switching careers).

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The Joys Of Teaching Abroad

Where grade 6 girls know they don’t need a man to make them happy:

Student – “Do you need to get married when you grow up?”
Me – “Not if you don’t want to.”
Student – “Do you need to have a boyfriend?”
Me – “Nope!”
Student – “Awesome. I’m going to be a single-pringle for life!”