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10 “Realistic” Things To Do In Amsterdam

Everyone has heard of Amsterdam and all of the wild-but-totally-legal possibilities that go along with spending a few nights in this city. What you might not know is that besides hitting up the Red Light District at night for a good time (or a good laugh, or an uncomfortable walk through an alley way with far too many gawking tourists..) or heading to a local “Coffee Shop” to partake in illicit activities, there are surprisingly other touristy things one can do here.

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The Joys Of Teaching Abroad

Where grade 6 girls know they don’t need a man to make them happy:

Student – “Do you need to get married when you grow up?”
Me – “Not if you don’t want to.”
Student – “Do you need to have a boyfriend?”
Me – “Nope!”
Student – “Awesome. I’m going to be a single-pringle for life!”